Telemedicine - Doctor & Lab at your Door Step

Our Smart Telemedicine platform gives clinicians the ability to easily connect to patients regardless of geography, providing uniform, quality patient care & safety. Our remote healthcare technology securely connects you to patients through a growing variety of applications & services including two-way video, secure electronic communications & smartphone. We make it easy to perform patient consultations via video conferencing, securely transmit still images, communicate via our patient portal & remotely monitor vital signs. Apart from that, we emphasize on delivering world class Lab Diagnostics services at your door step. This will ensure your compete consultation and lab services done without you ever being stepping out of your home.

Food & Environmental Solutions

To improve food safety and quality, enhance food monitoring systems for contaminants, trace the origin of food, verify its composition, and promote the commercial use of Food Quality. We provide a versatile solution in developing innovative methodologies in Food & Environment Development.

Lab Information System

A full-featured web-based and cloud enabled laboratory management software, which allows operating Pathology labs and diagnostic centers through the internet. Relier health LIS provides an unparalleled degree of client involvement in adapting the software to their needs. Relier Health LIMS software is the most widely interfaced to meet the end user demands with outmost quality expectations.

Hospital Information System

Relier Health HIS is an advanced health care information system with all the functionalities of Clinic Management System with additional functions needed for a hospital. Automate your hospital with completely paperless digital workflow using state of the art modern web application.


Regulatory compliances are built in to the system with quality standard forms and workflows. Achieve maximum ROI with efficient workflows and maximum utilization of resources.

3D Printing Healthcare Solutions

3D printing has many functions in a variety of industries, however, in the medical field it has four main applications. This technology could be used to replace human organ transplants, speed up surgical procedures, produce cheaper versions of required surgical tools, and improve the lives of those reliant on prosthetic limbs. Relier Health is on the verge of developing cutting edge 3D Bio Printing Solutions.


Relier Health maintains an extensive portfolio of microbiology solutions designed to make your laboratory run more efficiently and effectively. As integrated, end-to-end offerings, they help enhance testing while streamlining workflows to improve outcomes and reduce overall costs.